Digital Strategy

Right Place, Right Time

AYM offers unique and tailored digital marketing strategies to make sure you're reaching the right audience, at the right time via the right digital influencers for your brand.

Trying to navigate any business or product online can be overwhelming, especially without consistent insight and credible access to your audience. Through our influencer-based strategies, we can quantify your success by the numbers of engagement in the digital stratosphere.

AYM undertakes a keen analysis of your target market, and carefully prepares a relevant strategy to execute via our digital influencers, strengthening your relation to your audience in the market place.

By evaluating the needs of your target group, we offer proven and beneficial techniques to get an influencers audience "hooked" and become part of your own clientele.

We consider all variables in the strategy, what works for some brands may not be suitable for all brands!

Whether it's a targeted "call to action", subscriptions or the perfect time to post, we are offering your brand quantifiable results and solutions to further your business from a great first impression to the continuation of custom.

Our main aim is to give you the right exposure, from the right source, in the right way, to the right, crowd at the right time.