Event Services

Bring your brand to life. It's one thing to thrive behind a keyboard in the digital ocean, but it's equally important engaging people "IRL" (in real life!)

If you're throwing an event for your business, we have on site digital professionals, such as photographers and videographers to document your big day. Depending on your intentions for the event, this documentation can be used for your company’s internal affairs, for example in a private digital photo album - or for sharing virally across digital platforms. We can do this in real time via influencers uploading directly to social media platforms, or soon after the event once content is collated to share more strategically online.

We aim to capture the energy of the event, the first impressions and the variety of emotions from your attendees. We then have the most trusted outlets, our digital influencers, to share this experience and spread further positive energy in the awareness and efforts of your brand.