Why Digital Marketing? – The Key to greater success

Digital Media has become an established medium in our world today and it is taken more serious as ever before. This is mainly due to the development in technology and the because people keep on using more and more technology in their daily lives.Because messages and stories can be spread in such a quick and wide range it has become an established marking tool used by brands and by individuals. Almost all kind of stories are shared on Social media platforms and the freedom of press is stronger as ever before.People are able to share opinions and statements any time and in many different ways. This is the reason why digital Influencers are the uprising stars of our time age. They used to tell their individual stories on their own blogs, but this has been taken a step further over the last years. Mainlycaused by the enormous dissemination and success of social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., Digital influencers share their posts on any kind of platform. Due to the enormous success and acceptance Digital Influencers are getting from our society today, they often cooperating with brands for digital media campaigns. However today this is way more professional than it once used to start.

Social media was originally created to build several social communities in order to make it possible staying in touch with friends and individuals over long distances. Due to the acceptance and the success of this medium, the attention of companies and brands got drawn to in digital media marketing. Nowadays they are continually spending their budgets onadvertisements through social media channels because it is in many ways more efficient than classic print ad campaigns. Because digital media is so easy to use, brands and companies can spread a greater amount of messages throughout their target audience. Also in a much quicker way. These deliver the core message in a short and quick way. Whether it bea clip, a text or and an image. It is often said that a picture is worth 1000 words, and this is proven through social media. It is an efficient way to keep people’s attention on the brand or the product. Digital media marketing makes the reader or viewer feel part of the brand story which is harder to achieve through print mediums. Articles, clips and images can be shared among individuals on social media platforms. These shared posts of friends and family members have a larger influence on people’s opinions of brands, than one might think. Brands are especially interested in these posts because their products or services are in an indirect way promotedin a more authentic manner by individuals. Customers tend to listen more to suggestions from people they actually know personally, than to believe in a paid advertisement in a magazine.

In this process the network of “friends” plays an essential rolebecause it introduces social network users automatically to new brands on a day to day basis, where automatically brand awareness is created. The higher the amount of likes, positive comments or shares is, the stronger the viewer’s opinion on the brand or product gets influenced.

On the other hand, it can be difficult for companies to develop the right digital media strategy. Randomly posting on every social media platform and overloadingthese platforms with all kinds of advertisements can have a negative effect on the customer’s image of the brand. The attention of the target audience should be drawn to the product and one should not be annoyed by it, because of an overload of posts.

Developing a suitable social media strategy is key to success. Digital media marketing should be authentic and credible to the customer, because this is the main reason why this kind of advertisement is used by companies and brands. It makes the target audience believe in the messages and connects them to the brand.