Vegan. Sustainability. Nature. In today’s Influencer industry, these keywords are more important than ever. Back to nature is clearly the direction everybody is heading and vegan beauty products are appreciated for their organic ingredients and their effects.

The next generation of Bloggers and Influencers stand up for «back to nature», as pure nature with its organic and nourishing ingredients, can protect and take care of our skin and hair in a sustainable way. Therefore, numerous major beauty and fashion companies are integrating and converting this mindset. La Biosthétique strongly encourages this trend, as it recently has launched its pure, organic product line “Botanique”, which only contains fair, natural and vegan ingredients. Also, there are no parabens, alcohols or any other damaging substances used.

This combination of ingredients used in the products is leading to fabulous results, as seen on the profiles of well-known swiss Bloggers like Zoe Pastelle (, Nadia Damaso ( and Andrea Monica Hug ( Moreover, famous German Influencer like Jenny Mustard ( ), Evelina ( and Caroline Deisler ( were involved in this campaign.

For this specific campaign, it was important, that the influencers not only present the benefits of a nature - loving and sustainable lifestyle, but also stand up for it and really enjoy living that way.

This trend is another example of the high impact of Influencers on the industry. They are setting the trends and the industry must keep up with it. Even the marketing industry must stick to the digital promoting and must follow the newest trends. Whoever wants to launch new products or reach out to more customers, is no longer using print media only. Companies are investing more and more budget in digital media campaigns with professional help and personalized strategies by digital influencer agencies. Influencer marketing is as prominent as never bevor and has not even reached the top yet. Therefore, don’t miss the option and jump on the train now!

Main picture by byevelina_ Additional pictures by zoepastelle, by vanillacrunnch