Snap Map

Since a couple of months there exists the option of doing Live-Videos on Instagram, where Influencers can stream their daily live or special moments in real time. Furthermore, one can tag every location on literally every social media channel to let the own followers know where one is at any time.

However, this is not it yet. Recently, Snapchat has launched the so called “Snap Map”. Every time one opens their Snapchat – App, the map updates itself automatically to show the location of the User. This new function is quite useful, as there is no need to explain where you are or send your location over WhatsApp.

To open the new Snap Map, you only need to swipe to the camera of the app and zoom out with two fingers. To use it, you only need to activate your GPS signal on your phone, and voila, you can track all your friends anytime, anywhere.

Of course, the new feature shows the sites of famous Influencers, too. Like that, they don’t just promote for example, the new products at a launch, they also tease their followers with their attendance at the site or shop.

Moreover, there are locally bound stories, e.g. a collection of Snapchat Stories for example from the Bucherer Store where an Influencer event is taking place. So, one is able to see every story taken by all the Bloggers and Influencers attending via Snap Map.

It feels like this is a throwback to gossip girl, where the whole city of New York could track their favorite Upper East Siders at every time!

With this in mind, xoxo, Gossip Girl.