Influencer Business – a Women’s World?

In today’s business world, there are still various leading positions taken by men. However, one establishing industry, which is not following this previous trend is the digital Influencer industry, where, up to now, women are the leading figures, as by far the most and most successful Influencers are female.

The gender split may vary due to the different topics featured on the Blogs and Social Media accounts, but generally the ratio of male and female Social Media Users is quite equal. Anyhow, out of 30 Influencer only 3 are male. This might be, because the most products which are featured are for women. Nevertheless, there are successful and famous male Influencers too. However, these men are not mainly Influencers, but also professional Athletes, Models or TV-stars and therefore differ from the “standard” Influencers. As this line between celebrities and Influencers is getting thinner and thinner, the business with Influencer is gaining importance.

Even so, the female section of Influencer is starting to change, as male product promotion for bikes, fast cars or male watches are increasing rapidly and are as popular as never before.

Recently, Swiss Influencer and male Model Kevin Lütolf ( collaborated with L’Oréal to promote a make-up foundation as a male product. Therefore, he is not only one of the leading major male Influencers in Switzerland, but also got this desirable job for which he is envied by many female Influencers.

Male Influencers are in demand! Just like everything else, this minor male ratio is expected to change soon in the fast-moving world of Digital Marketing.