News on Instagram –

Since a couple of weeks there is a new possibility for users to share photos and video with their followers on Instagram: Instagrams“Stories” has been launched and reminds us of their competitor Snapchat.

In a slideshow there can be arranged photos and videos in various second-streams. Now people can share all their moments out of their daily life without overloading their profiles. The posts disappear after 24 hours and are no more viewable on the profile. To shape the photos and videos, there are several editing tools to add filters, text, drawings and smileys. A special benefit also for digital Influencers and brands.

Users see stories of Influencers, friends and their favorite brands. Thereby the stories are positionedat the top of their news feed and if there is a new post,a colorful ring appears around the profile photo of the account.

Another advantage compared to snapchat: Instagram users can call up the stories at any time and do not have to watch the whole video in one constant stream.

"Stories" is a new way for users to reach followers, closer and more intensive. The followersget the chance to see their idols in a more authentic way. On the other hand Influencers and brands have the chance to communicate with the followers without posting constantly "perfect pics".

"Stories" a strong potential for influencer and companies in a powerful network.

We are excited what will come next…