Trendsetter Influencer

Over knees, Birkenstocks and white Sneakers. These current trends were pushed and promoted by Influencers on Social Media. They made them suitable for everyday life and socially acceptable.

Neither print advertising nor classic television ads, can create what Influencers can do – creating a global trend.

Nowadays, the consuming behaviour of young or online affine people, is affected by Influencers. They set trends, create dedicated collections for brands and push the success of small start-ups brands to established, huge brands.

Back to the seasons trends; an uncontested it- piece, of this season, is the over knee boot. The stylish shoes with its extra tight and high bootleg, is perfect to combine in many ways. No matter, if it is a flower-print dress or a skinny jean, the boots make every look more stylish, warm and cosy. Nothing keeps us warmer during the frosty winter days, as the high bootleg, that reaches over the knee. Therefore, not only the ankles and calves are warm, but also the knee is covered.

Even white sneakers, which are seen everywhere over a few seasons now, were worn by Influencers as the ultimate trend piece at first. Imagine appearing in sneakers to an event a few years ago. One would have earned some weird looks. Today, people are getting admired for this unusual combination. From this moment on, sneakers got socially accepted in all kinds of circumstances.
According to this viral trend, the opinion of the Influencers is decisive when it comes to commercial success of a new collection or trend. What in the earlier days used to be done by It – Girls, is todays job of Bloggers, Youtubers and Influencers. They set trends and own, increasingly, the power to how campaigns and collections will be implemented. Anyhow, this exactly is the reason, why brands should already start thinking about involving Influencers, while planning the promotion of their new product or Collections.

Main picture by bangbangblond Additional pictures by annisophie_