Life is Beautiful

During the Paris Fashion Week, the big names in the fashion industry gathered together in the French capital. Sometimes a bit stressed but full of anticipations, moving from one show to another. Of course, the stars of the industry relied on a great look with the perfect styling. In the middle of it, the company of "Total Beauty" LA BIOSTHETIQUE, moving from one show to another.

Because in the world of fashion, digital influencers are never far away, LA BIOSTHETIQUE decided for the first time to present their headquarters premises to the public. Who was in the middle? Of course we were, in order to implement a memorable event for LA BIOSTHETIQUE as digital influencer agency. As we all know, LA BIOSTHETIQUE stands for perfection and are paying attention to every detail in their work, which ensured a perfect day in Paris for everyone. A fully scheduled day, has been compiled for selected Influencers coming from various countries. We expected; Anna Maria Damm (, Belen Hostalet Tribaldos ( Ilenia Toma ( with her boyfriend Simon Nygard (, Jenny Gvozdeva ( Juli Mery (, Laureen Schuberth (, Leonie Hanne (, Lisa Hahnbück ( Merna Hermez (, Milena Karl (, Nina Süss (, Farina Opoku (, Patrizia Palme (, Riccardo Simonetti (, Tatiana Vassilieva (, Xenia Overdose ( and Caroline (

The day started off with a welcome lunch at the world-famous restaurant of the Hotel Plaza Athénée, the Relais Plaza. The various influencers and representatives of the BIOSTHETIQUE gathered together and were introduced to each other. In the scene, as you can well imagine, most knew each other already of course. At least from pictures on Instagram, or the individual blogs.

Right after lunch, the influencers were escorted to the Flagship Salon of the company, for a fully extended treatment. With washing, blow drying, the curling iron and the famous «Gel Patch Liftant» eye pads, everything was included in the program. The reason behind the styling was the LA BIOTHETIQUE Beauty Photo - Shoot, which took place in the breathtakingly beautiful Suite of the Plaza Athénée. Yes, this is the Suite seen in "Sex and the City". Automatically, you felt like living a Parisian fairy tale with an unbelievable view on the Eiffel Tower next to Canapés and Champagne glasses. Circumstances, to which one could, quickly get used to.

But that was not all. After the Photo - Shoot, everyone rushed back to their hotels to get themselves gala dinner ready. The gala dinner at the BIOSTHETIQUE Headquarter right next to the “l’Arc de Triomphe”, put the crown on the label. The companies perfection even continued in their offices. A beautiful antique Parisian building as we could only imagine. In addition to that there are shelves, several meters high which are filled with all kinds of beauty products. A dream for beauty lovers.

After a welcome speech by the owner of the company, Siegfried Weiser, we had dinner together and discussed the great experienced from the day. Suddenly, a voice was head. Two opera singers took care for a magical and romantic atmosphere, with world-famous classic songs, between golden candles and ballons swinging at the ceiling in the wind. After the 3 course menu, the musical journey continued.

Werner Küchler general manager from the Relais Plaza, provided a perfect finish to the evening. With the successes of Frank Sinatra and Edith Piaffe, he got the influencers dancing and singing. At the end of the evening, no one wanted to leave the party anymore to go back home. The beauty of digital media is that these extraordinary experiences can be provided to those standing outside can participate as digital influencers. Keep us posted!