#TB Berlin Fashion Week

AYM Media organized for four influencers to attend Berlin Fashion Week. Ilenia Toma (www.ilivanilli.com), Milena Karl (www.milenalesecret.blogwalk.de), Riccardo Simonetti (www.fabulousricci.com) and Marigona Bunjaku (www.instagram.com/ar1gona) attended the Marc Cain and Lana Müller fashion shows and enjoyed beauty styling by La Biosthétique.

The first day began with check in at Hotel The Mandala Suites followed by a La Biosthétique beauty styling at Salon Goerner & Company. Here the blogger’s learned about La Biosthétique’s total beauty concept while getting a unique look to wear for the evening’s Marc Cain fashion show. Before the show began, the influencers were invited backstage to get a sneak-peek of the behind the scenes action. The show opened with a group of beautiful ballerinas dancing down the runway. Everyone loved the style; especially the sock-heel combinations were a big hit!

Day two began with another La Biosthétique beauty styling at Salon Goerner & Company. Next influencers went to the Soho House Berlin for the Lana Mueller fashion show. Again the bloggers were invited backstage where the models were also getting styled with La Biosthétique. The Lana Mueller show incorporated dresses, long sleeves and lots of sparkles all of which can be seen on social media and on their blogs.
We are looking forward to next time!